Corona Conversation: Staying Well in Uncertain Times | Dialoog in Den Haag

Staying home during the lockdown has its challenges. Research indicates that people who stay active, get regular sleep and maintain online contacts with family and friends tend to maintain their wellbeing and stay happier. Some people have resumed old hobbies, which they neglected for years, others have started to learn new skills like knitting, playing a musical instrument or simply meditating.

Even if you are running on empty, there are more things you can do to help you through these difficult times. We will explore how to keep our sanity. Maybe you will be inspired by what somebody else has done, which you have not even considered.

This interactive dialogue itself is an activity that you might enjoy as we share experiences with each other in a safe and friendly environment. Some people have even commented that these dialogues “feel as if we had a real conversation in person”. Allow yourself to be surprised.

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