Webinar ‘The future of ADHD’ | ADHD Europe

Engelstalig webinar over de laatste wetenschappelijke inzichten rond ADHD.

Join us to learn about state of the art scientific research into ADHD from Prof. Barbara Franke, a member of our Professional Board and Chair of Molecular Psychiatry at Radboud University in Nijmegen, NL.

  • How do neurotransmitters like dopamine and noradrenaline relate to the seize of certain brain areas?
  • What progress have scientists made so far?
  • What instruments will help the doctor as well as the people with ADHD to better diagnose, treat and monitor ADHD including all its comorbidities? Will personalised medicine and monitoring ever be possible?

We’ll find out with the following discussion topics:

  • From state of the art to the future
  • From questionnaires anno 2021 to biomarkers in 2040
  • About your personal genetic profile
  • What is digital phenotyping?
  • How can wearables and sensors help?

This webinar is for all people who have ADHD and want to know what the future may bring, and is also valuable for professionals who guide or treat people with ADHD and scientists in all related fields. It will provide you with an update of what scientists are working on to enhance diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.

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